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SMBs can leverage celebrities after going digital

The brands signing celebrities as an ambassador has proved to be an effective strategy in marketing. In 2020, the advent of new channels and with diversified consumer behavior, the marketing strategy needs to factor people’s time and attention. Moreover, businesses also believe that endorsements provide a higher degree of recall.

In this generation, brands must consider celebrities as their own brand ambassadors who can recommend their brand freely without any monetary implication. There are also many passionate fans who derive immense satisfaction by engaging with the brand and getting acknowledged by the brand. However, the task is to simply convert a regular user into a brand ambassador.

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Social media has become a game changer and has also lead to the concept of influencer marketing. Based on research, 80% of the customers believes in all information provided by social media influencers on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram & Twitter. However, 60% of the consumers make their purchase decisions after considering the information provided by the top influencers in the country.

Soon the brand ambassadors will expand from mainstream celebrities to influencers. With new channels coming up, the engagement levels are also being changed regularly in order to keep pace with the audience. The craft lies in creating different kinds of disruption which invloves the influencers to arrest the eyeballs.

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