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India’s Resilience Celebrated by Microsoft: Holiday ad film update

Microsoft India has finally released its maiden holiday ad film, ‘Hum Rukna Nahi Jaante’, and has celebrated the resilience of the human spirit. Moreover, the film bids farewell to 2020, and puts a spotlight on how people across the country have shown everyday resilience in meeting the challenges that 2020 has brought, and how the technology has played a role in enabling the diverse experiences. The recently released film is part of Microsoft India’s #BuildingResilience campaign, which also shares inspirational stories of transformation across the industries, organisations and individuals, which also drives a conversation around what it takes to thrive in this environment.

The film blends the five everyday scenarios, which also focuses on how Microsoft’s technology empowers people to do more every day. Whether it is helping a young sports aspirant to continue with coaching remotely, or supporting an elderly person to make online payments in a trusted and secure way, to enabling entrepreneurs to keep their businesses moving in a remote world and supporting people with disabilities to fully participate in their society, technology enables inclusion for all.

The film has been released exclusively on the social media platforms and is powered for accessibility with subtitles and the audio descriptions.

The chief marketing officer of Microsoft India – Hitu Chawla, said, “It’s extraordinary how people and organisations across India have met the challenge with resilience and innovation, using the technology to respond, rebound, and reimagine a new world order. Our brand film celebrates this spirit of everyday resilience and the role our technology plays in empowering every person and every organization to achieve much more.”

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