News publication is done to build brand awareness effectively. Now you don’t have to wait to showcase yourself to millions of living beings.


Moreover, in this generation, where millions of businesses are taking their operations online, GDM Grandiose Digital Media, the Best PR Agency located in Delhi eases your need to keep up with the evolving digital media trends. Grandiose Digital Media is a startup boutique marketing agency which focuses on building brands and helps them in achieving the market position, and outperform their competitors. Furthermore, our Public Relations Services promises to spread voice that needs to be heard through different mediums.


Grandiose Digital Media, being the best PR agency puts clients’ perspectives first and criticizes the fake news. Our PR services are structured to best suit the customer requirements. Having experts for handling each and every situation – Crisis Communications, Online Advertising and Promotions, Designing Solutions, Strategic Media Planning, Creative Solutions, Publicity Counseling and Solutions, Web Development Services.

Our 360 degree knowledge and expertise of Digital Marketing helps us gain a holistic approach in providing you with a better solution to your problems, aiming to provide our customers with the best solutions in minimal time.

Best PR Agency Located in APAC.

At Grandiose Digital Media, the Public Relations and Media Relations is an important, widely recognized and an integral aspect. Our experts control and frame the news in a way where the media understands and views your brand as a key-concern. Our PR Agency maintains deep relations with all journalists, content-writers (Specifically for each industry) and editors in publications around the Asia-Pacific region which has been developed over the years. GDM ensures this through a mutual interchange of information aligned with trustworthiness.


The media regularly reaches out to GDM for legitimate and reliable inputs from our clients guaranteeing the extensive spread of information for your brand. Our digital marketing agency in Delhi ensures that all the media is regularly updated with important information of our clients making sure that all big news of your brand receives the required interest.


The independent growth project helped our brand in reaching the rural areas just as expected, hence we met our expectations and are truly happy with the services.
Syed, COO Rides
Hindustan Times, one of the best newspapers in India covered our headline. Thanks to Grandiose Digital Media.
Aneesh, Tivoli Group
Our target was to sell our products in Qatar, but salons were not purchasing our products, GDM solved our problem where we were staying behind and now our name is mostly everywhere in Qatar.
Weil, Blissology Inc

Increased Reach

GDM helps you reach your target audience without facing any obstacles. Now you can influence your prospects with compelling news articles.

More Sales

Drive more impressions and hence - more sales.


Everyone wants to know what's going on with their campaigns! That's why we keep you updated about your published articles and how they're performing.

What’s included:

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Being in this industry for over a decade is our major advantage that sets us apart from others. Our PR services are backed up with a lot of case studies and success stories. This establishes us to be one of the Best PR Agencies in APAC .

By choosing the Grandiose Digital Media as your Public Relation Agency you can expect the following much needed growth-oriented benefits:

• Brand awareness
• Improved media relations
• Increased ROI
• Wider presence in a crowded market
• Strategic support for a new product launch
• Data-driven insights from market research every month

There is no fixed charge for our services. Since we offer customized services; thus, the cost varies at large. The overall cost of hiring any PR agency depends upon the agreed scope of services.

Our involvement in your business a PR agency helps you in target marketing with innovative ideas an media plan, thus, it reduces the unwanted expenses on traditional marketing tactics. Grandiose Digital Media also introduces the low cost effective channels for advertising, branding, and selling according to the current trends, which increases your business performance and profitability.

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