GDM Mobile Application Development Solutions

In today’s world of smart phones and tablets, it has become very essential for all businesses to have “mobile web” presence.  GDM has a deep talent pool of industry-specific technology experts, ready to provide you with the custom mobile application development service.

Mobile Application Development Solutions for your Company

Mobile based applications must perform consistently to achieve widespread success. That’s why GDM prioritize clean, organized back ends, and dynamic, scalable front ends when developing mobile apps for Android and iOS devices.

Cross-Platform Mobile App Development

Our developers prioritize a native feel for the cross-platform and hybrid apps, taking the time to lock down a consistent functionality and responsiveness between platforms such as iOS, Android and Microsoft Windows. Moreover, our developers have an expertise in Javascript and HTML5, as well as development tools like Xamarin, Telerik, Cordova, React Native, PhoneGap, Ionic, and even Appcelerator.

Hybrid App Development

Our mobile app developers have an expertise in developing Progressive Web Apps (PWA) that are highly responsive and operate smoothly on all mobile browsers, and maintain consistent usability despite the inconsistent internet speeds.

Web Implementation Solutions

As a custom website development company, we offer the best development solutions utilizing multiple platforms. GDM web development services leverage the full strength of these systems to provide computing power, enhanced graphics, robust security standards, and much greater performance.

xamarin- Grandiose Digital Media

Xamarin extends the .NET developer platform with tools and libraries specifically for building apps for Android, macOS, Windows, and many more.

Cordova is a mobile application development framework created by Nitobi. Adobe Systems purchased Nitobi in 2011, and renamed it as PhoneGap, and later released an open source version of the software called Apache Cordova.

React Native- Grandiose Digital Media

React Native is an open-source mobile application framework created by Facebook. It is used to develop Android, iOS, and other applications by enabling developers to use React along with native platform capabilities.

Telerik- Grandiose Digital Media

Telerik by Progress have built in tools to provide database solutions for reporting and AI automations. Telerik tools enhances the UI/UX experience for the mobile and desktop application development. 

Phonegap- Grandiose Digital Media

Adobe PhoneGap is an open-source framework that enables rapid mobile app development for Android, iOS and Windows software. Moreover, its native device API encourages the usage of the devices built in features within app development.

ARKit 3 Logo

ARCore is a platform created by Google that helps developers build augmented reality experiences on Android devices. Its core features include motion tracking, environment understanding and light estimation. 

Ionic- Grandiose Digital Media

Ionic developments reusable code creates cross-platform progressive apps for Android, iOS and Windows software. It’s a complete open-source SDK for hybrid mobile app development created by Max Lynch, Ben Sperry, and Adam Bradley of Drifty Co. in 2013.

Appcelerator- Grandiose Digital Media

Appcelerator is an open-source  SDK  that allows the creation of native mobile apps

Flutter is UI toolkit created by Google. It is used in cross-platform development. Moreover, its widgets incorporate native performance as well for optimal API and UI/UX. 

ARCore- Grandiose Digital Media

ARKit 3 is an augmented reality framework designed by Apple to help developers create immersive experiences on iOS devices.

Cross Platform App Development Solutions

As a custom mobile and web application development company, we leverage the native features for many platforms such as iOS, Android and Windows for cross-platform development. Moreover, our versatile desktop apps leverage their system’s computing power to provide enhanced graphics, robust security standards, and a greater performance.

Our developers are very much experienced with the deployment to the Google Play Store and Apple Store. Furthermore, we also ensure that our cross-platform and hybrid apps will ensure the functionality and provide everyone with a seamless experience across different platforms and devices.  


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