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Get ready for a boost in traffic, more installs, reviews and ratings, in-app purchases and more. 

Successful Ad Campaigns & Marketing Plan

An optimised mobile app marketing plan is the key strategy behind a successful app campaign. Our marketers have the experience to use data-driven strategies to create a marketing plan, implement it, evaluate its results, modify the strategy as required, and finally, deliver better and measurable results.

App Store Optimisation

Let our expert team help your app in ranking at the top for your target keywords on the Play Store and Apple Store.

App Install Campaigns

Right from managing app aampaigns to running ads directly on the Play Store and Apple Store - we provide with astonishing results and higher ROAS.

Affiliate Networks Ad Campaigns

We have a wide range of affiliate networks to work with and get the Cost per Install (CPI) with the highest retention rates. GDM's network of quality publishers is vast and can help you achieve a significantly higher number of installs.

Mobile App & Web App Designing

GDM offers responsive website and app design services with enhanced UI/UX, faster load times and optimised browsing.

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Website Design & Development FAQ's

Mobile app marketing is the strategy to promote your app through paid and organic channels. It is used to gain more app installs, more impressions and more in-app purchases. Our app marketing solutions include app store optimization, install campaigns, affiliate partnerships for promotion, advertising, and even ORM.

It all depends on the newness of your mobile app, your competition, and your reputation. A good PR outreach, dedicated website or landing page, excellent optimisation on the app store, referrals and promo offers, and a strong content marketing strategy can do the work.

A marketing plan for a mobile app will include:

  1. Understanding more about your audience.
  2. Understanding more about your competitors.
  3. A website with a strong CTA.
  4. A content Marketing strategy that’s going to include blog posts, reviews, testimonials etc.
  5. Launch plan with a strong PR push.
  6. PPC advertising strategy. 
  7. Analytics and tracking performance.


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