Sell smarter and respond to any challenge your business faces online.

Navigate uncertain times with a digital marketing platform that gives deeper customer insights and work-from-home capabilities.

Deliver personalised buying experiences to every one of your customers.

We aim to build longtime, loyal customers at every interaction. Connect sales, marketing, finance, billing, and service teams to guide each prospect in a personalised manner.

Ajdust your strategy on-the-fly

Expand your sales strategy, whether you want to move into a new industry, a new market or just a new neighborhood. Plan territories, see your performance, track analytics, and more.

Sales Chain Pricing

Digital Sales Processing & Management

$120/Month (Billed Yearly)
  • Personalized Website
  • Lead Management
  • POS Software Integration
  • Order Management
  • Warehouses: 1
  • SKU: 5,000
  • Accounting Integration

Sales Chain from Grandiose Digital Media

One of Sales Chain’s most important feature sets is sales performance management strategy. The essence of sales performance management is to help sales reps prioritise leads to close the deals faster.

For managers, GDM sales chain helps highlight team-wide insights that can guide the overall sales strategy.

Sales Chain by GDM creates a holistic view of individual and team performance that managers can use to plan and optimise sales resources and processes.

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